PT's Coffee Southpaw Espresso

Southpaw Espresso is a washed espresso blend of various varieties from PT’s Coffee Roasting Company in Topeka, Kansas.

This is the first bag of coffee we ever ordered via our Trade Coffee subscription.

Image via PT’s Coffee

Image via PT’s Coffee

On Bag Notes

Varieties listed on the bag at the time of purchase were Central America & Africa.

This coffee is described as having flavor notes of Caramel, Peach and Sugarcane.

Further on bag description is as follows:

“Jabs of fruit, sugar, and spice with a floral aroma and clean finish. Featuring notes of caramel, peach and sugar cane, Southpaw delivers a delightful punch.”

Image via Trade Coffee

Image via Trade Coffee

Other Notes

Trade rates the roast level of this coffee at a 6/10 which is medium roast, while PT’s own description is light-medium roast.

Trade describes this coffee as:

“Richly flavored with notes of sweet vanilla, spice and brown sugar”

In addition, PT’s gives excellent notes on their website if you are looking to make this espresso at home.

They suggest the following recipe:

  • Temperature: 199 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Dose: 20 grams

  • Yield: 32–36 grams

  • Time: 26–30 seconds

  • Drop: 6–8 seconds (when using a bottomless portafilter)

PT’s also suggest you rest this coffee for at least 8 days before brewing.

Our Take

For this to be one of the first new coffees we tried to dial in on our Breville Barista Express, we found this coffee pretty easy to work with.

Our shots produced very solid, smooth coffee.

The flavor notes indicate a sweet coffee with a mild body and a bit of fruit.

We found this to be a great everyday coffee for straight espresso, or short drinks with a few ounces of milk.

This coffee is great if you like a mild, well balanced coffee with a lot of character.

Hit up PT’s Coffee, if you would like to learn more.


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