Dune Coffee Roasters Honduras Olvin Fernandez Bourbon

Dune Honduras Olvin Fernandez Bourbon is a washed bourbon coffee roasted by Dune Coffee Roasters in Santa Barbara, California.

It is produced by Olvin Esmelin Fernandez Paz in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, where it is harvested in late summer, early fall.

The batch we tried was harvested sometime between August-September, 2020.

On Bag Notes

On Bag, this coffee is simply listed as Bourbon variety.

This coffee is described as having flavor notes of Candy Apple, Tangerine and Creamy.

Other Notes

Trade rates the roast level of this coffee at a 6/10 which is medium roast.

They also describe it as:

“Deeply expressive with notes of ripe fruit, nut and citrus”

Dune does occasional origin reports where they detail their work with the farms that produce the coffee that they roast.

In the video below, the owners of Dune Coffee Roasters, Julia Mayer and Todd Stewart, discuss their relationship with Benjamin Paz, Olvin Fernandez, Pablo Cruz, the Guzman Family and William Alvarado; The coffee producers responsible for these beans and others used in their roasts.

This video is from their Honduras Update origin report if you’d like to read more.

Our Take

As espresso, this coffee had a nice balance of brightness, fruit, and depth, with a naturally creamy texture.

We recommend this as a straight espresso, or with milk if you enjoy the mild balance of Honduran coffees with a rich body, and fresh fruit complexity.

Dune holds some sentimental values for us, which you can read more about in our Dune Coffee Roasters Review.

We’ve enjoyed all the coffees we’ve tried from Dune so far, so you should definitely hit up Dune Coffee Roasters for more great coffees.


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